The Vision

The Head Designer and Creative Director of Precious Threads by Abiola, Abiola Akinsiku has a deep passion and love for children, young girls and women that are escaping abusive situations.  She has first hand knowledge and experience (as a two time domestic violence survivor) of the challenging and debilitating pain that comes with being in such circumstances and knows that it is vitally important to support the growth and development of children, young girls and women in order for them to feel safe in reaching their potential.   

It is in this light that Precious Threads by Abiola aims to employ women in their area of passion and skills.  Women with a heart for and skills in the arts, public relations, photography, sewing, drafting, pattern making, website development and maintenance,  accounting as well as in an array of other areas.  Precious Threads by Abiola aims to not simply provide an income with which the women can survive, but rather an income with which they and their families can thrive.